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To produce, in a humanistic tradition, health care professionals and biomedical knowledge that will enhance and extend the quality of life in our communities.

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Thank you!

The Impact of Humanism

As you already know, the value of Humanism is what makes WesternU so unique. In health care practice, it’s about connecting with the patient and treating them as a whole person (or animal) and not just their ailment. In education, it’s about teaching students not only the knowledge and skills, but also compassion and caring. And at WesternU, it’s about the support we receive from people like you—who make up our loyal community and give us hope for a better tomorrow. Below are just some stories of impact made possible thanks to your support.

Building relationships, inspiring hope

Relationships are a key component in spreading WesternU’s impact. From the graduates who have gone out to make a difference locally and abroad, to the donors and supporters like you, who are steadfast believers in the power of humanistic health care, each of you have contributed to a legacy of compassionate care 40 years in the making. This year, with the return of in-person activities, we reconnected, reminisced, brought renewed hope, and came together to create a better, healthier, future for all. In fact, a perfect example of this is our second annual WesternU Giving Day. Thanks to the overwhelming support, we far exceeded all expectations in raising money and engaging donors on our campuses and in the communities we serve. So much has happened in the course of one year, and the future has never been brighter!

Establishment of memorial scholarships

Three memorial scholarships established in the last 12 months honor the lives and the legacies of faculty, alumni and friends of our University.

Student Support

WesternU received multiple gifts and grants that will support students, attract a more diverse student body and equip faculty with high-tech learning tools.

“I just want to thank the gracious donors who have blessed me with this gift. While at WesternU, I was part of the Pomona Homeless Outreach Program, served as Public Health Director for the Get Up and Move Health Fair, and participated in pro-grams to empower the surrounding youth who are involved in health care. I matched in Family Medicine at Ventura County Medical Center, ready to be a well-rounded physician who can care for patients in any setting.”

Tumi Oludemi, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Class of 2023

“This scholarship means a lot to me, as it has provided me with the validation of my hard work and dedication that I have put into these past few years. This is the first scholarship I have received, and I feel very honored and proud to represent WesternU. I am very grateful and appreciative of the scholarship, and I hope that you continue to recognize future students for their achievements.”

Tran My Nguyen, College of Pharmacy Class of 2024

“Promoting diversification and representation in the medical community is something I will continue as I begin my career, and I strive to help bridge the gap between mistrust of underrepresented communities and the medical community. My hope and goal as I enter this new chapter in my career is to serve disadvantaged communities, a goal I will be able to attain thanks to the generosity of the WesternU community.”

Heather Knight, College of Health Sciences alumna Class of 2022

“My experiences within health care have all solidified my passion and determined aspirations set on aiding the underserved on a global scale. It is my hope to be an integral part of the community in which I reside. I plan to continuously challenge myself to learn and engage in higher management and leadership responsibilities. I believe that WesternU’s pillars and curriculum will instill in me the proper training and preparation to develop progress toward these long-term goals.”

Basil Mubarkeh, College of Optometry Class of 2024

“As a recipient of this scholarship, I will continue to uphold my strong commitment to service and working with communities in need. I aspire to increase access to excellent care and advocate for patients in underserved populations in hopes to bridge the disparities in our health care system. Thank you again for helping me achieve my goals!”

Christopher Nguon, College of Dental Medicine alumnus Class of 2022

“Your generous scholarship is going to positively impact my life in so many ways. I am so grateful for your generosity and will be forever thankful to you and your family. I hope one day I am also able to bless a student’s life through a scholarship just like you have blessed my life. Thank you so much once again.”

Arjina Boodaghian, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Class of 2025

Annual Report 2022

Give the Gift of Humanism. For our Students, For our Communities, and Beyond.

Our students’ education isn’t solely based on learning new skills. We teach them to see the person sitting across from them, the families affected, and the communities impacted. If you believe in bringing humanism back to health care, we’d love your support.